During the scorching heat of the summer or the cool winter mornings, the charming springtime evenings or the stormy nights of monsoon. In every possible case you may find one thing as the most trusted, loyal and consistent companion, and if you are a bong then probably you have already figured it out. Yes it’s just ‘a cup of tea.’ Tea has already been considered as the most underrated beverage of India but also the most favored beverage of India. India is the 2nd largest producer of tea after China, is also the largest consumer of tea and also the largest exporter of tea after China.

So make yourself a cup of tea and sit back and relax while you read about what tea means to a bong.


So tea in India is really a big deal, and talking about Indian tea how can we forget about the famous Darjeeling tea. Yes, produced in the tea estates of Kalimpong and Karseong, in West Bengal, Darjeeling tea is famous pan India for its distinct taste, color and aroma.


There are multiple varieties of tea produced and so are the varieties of tea drinker. Some like to have it black which in Bengal is better known as ‘ lal cha’ (red tea)while some love to have it white i.e. with  added milk, some like to add some ginger to it to make a great intake while fever while some like to make it more royal by adding some elaichi (cardamom). Do mention in the comments which kind of tea you favor the most and do let us know if you have your own special combination.


Bongs usually refer tea as cha. And don’t even dare to manhandle or make a joke of this three letter beverage, because bongs are very serious about this. According universal stereotypes, a cup of tea and by a cup I mean a bhand (pronounced as bh-aa-n-r) i.e. a clay cup in one hand and a cigarette on the other is what motivates and arouses the hidden intellectual being in a bong’s self.


Cha is a very serious word in Bengali culture; no coffee can even match its level of aestheticism. Want to please your bong friend, just invite him or her on a cup of tea and ‘wallah’ you are done. Hardly any bong ever refuses a cup of tea and centering a tea adda (chat) the bongs usually unleash their superiority as debaters where they can talk about space, politics, global topics, science, tech and any possible topic one may imagine for infinite amount of time.


Now one may be confused about why we named this as ‘ Sarcasteacally’. Well the real sarcasm is hidden in the fact that although India is the largest consumer of tea, still it is not acknowledged so, I mean tea is really the most underrated beverage of India. Why is it so? Why can’t we acknowledge our love and fascination for tea? Well that’s something we need to talk about, and we’ll definitely figure that out in our next tea meeting.




*Image source- ©arun’sphotography

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