On the bank of River Narmada

Bored from the daily city hustle? Wants some fresh air with satisfying scenic beauty? What if I offer you both plus some holiness added? How about it? Keep reading then….


Today I would like to disclose a much underrated but extremely beautiful place, within India and especially in central India. It is none other than the city or rather small town of Amarkantak in Madhya Pradesh. Well many of you will doubt whatever I said till now and think that what am I talking about beauty and nature…etc etc, this place is religiously acclaimed. Yes this is true that this is really a holy place considered by the pilgrims but it is something more than just that. And believe me I am talking with evidence, last month I went on a trip to Madhya Pradesh and then only I am deriving these deductions.


Amarkantak is considered as one of the most auspicious pilgrim place because it beholds the source of the holy river Narmada. In fact, the whole town is on the banks of the river. But two other rivers also emerge from this holy ground, those being Son river and Johila river. Yes the Narmada Udgam Sthall (Narmada Source Point) is definitely a beautiful place but let us discuss some of the other important locations that are must visit spots.


The local site scenes include-

  • Narmada Udgam Sthall

  • Kapil Dhara & Dudh Dhara Falls


  • Collection of Old Temples (popularly know as the Pracheen Temples)


These places may be traditionally viewed as places of religious interest but are equally beautiful according to the scenic beauty.


These are just to be named but there are ample other things to see also. The town is located at a place of the meeting of the Satpura and the Vindhya ranges, so one may guess the diverse beauty of this area. The town is completely surrounded by the dense forests of Madhya Pradesh and it is said that the jungles of Amarkantak someway connect to the dense forest of Kanha, so another reason to be thrilled.  The rocky hills with dense forests that surround the area along with the calm and compose Narmada flowing by makes it a complete package of eternal beauty. According to me best time to visit Amarkantak is any time between November to March due to the extremely cool and calm weather.

In the months of December to January, the temperature during the day time remains around 18 to 21 degrees while during nighttime it rapidly falls to a shivering 8 to 11 degrees.

Next time you are blank about plans for the weekend, plan a trip to Amarkantak and trust me you will not be disheartened.



*Image Source~ Arun’s Photography

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