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World’s largest non-trade book fair, Asia’s largest book fair and the most attended book fair in the world. They all are referred to none other than the International Kolkata Book Fair. Yes you may not have known these facts before, so never mind we present to you the Kolkata Boimela (Bookfair)’.

                     Before starting about this year’s book fair, let’s peep into the past. The world famous Kolkata Book Fair was once started on a small scale in 1976 by the Kolkata Publishers’ and Booksellers’ Guild. It was started as a non-trade book fair i.e. it was basically for the general public and not for the wholesale markets, the fair was also set up as to interact with the public and meet with their interests in the field of books and even today the Kolkata Book fair has been the ultimate and the dream platform for both an author and a reader from each of their perspectives.

The fair traditionally starts on the last Wednesday of January, and ends on the first or second Sunday of February (to ensure that the duration is always 12 days). It was initially a week-long event but popular demand forced authorities to extend the duration to 12 days in 2005.

Now let’s focus on this year’s fair. According to the announcements, the International Kolkata Book Fair 2018 will be inaugurated on the 30th of January at 4:30pm. The fair will extend from 31st January, 2018 to 11th February, 2018. The usual timing of the fair will be 12pm to 8pm and the location being Central Park Mela Ground, SaltLake, Kolkata. Good to know stuff that each year the Kolkata Book Fair sets up a theme country and this year’s theme country is France.

   Although it is about every book fair in the country but the Kolkata Book Fair has something special to offer each time to the readers and I guarantee you this. From J.K Rowling’s forever bestseller Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them to last year’s release The Origin. From Ashwin Shanghi to Robin Sharma, Kolkata’s book fair will not let your expectations down.

The Indian bookshop field may be dominated and blown away with the latest trendy bookstores like the Crossword or the Oxford Bookstore but the old bong aestheticism, the tradition, the culture of visiting the book fair with an increasing crowd every year and making it a huge success has prevailed and we believe will last even a more hundred years. So readers do visit the close to a festival of Kolkata, its book fair.

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