Foodistaan Kolkata !

Come on, don’t tell me you don’t know that Kolkata is a foodistaan(land of good food). Well then I would like to take great pride in stating the fact that it is. And not only do we get good food here but also a bunch of good people who are something more than just foodies, and by a bunch I mean all of them. Although universal stereotypes state that we Bengalis are only famous for being fish eaters, but let me clear you this, we have interest in basically every other quality food until & unless it is harming our sentiments. We have great taste, we believe we possess a thousand taste buds more than a normal non-bengali person which is obviously unknown to the world and we have an infinite GB of cloud storage in our stomachs so that none of us shall do the sin of missing a quality food.


Although in this article I would like to bend more towards the great food we find here than the good people having them, and in this process I would like to or rather I would love to disclose one of my most favorite lists. Yes a list that has certain names of restaurants of local food joints with their locations and what they are famous for. I believe this list can be a treasure for a person who wishes to visit Kolkata and he/she has an obsession with food, so this is for all of them who have not visited these places and also for them who were searching for.

Hinger Kochuri
  1. Hinger Kochuri

Where to find  :  Puntiram

 Location          :  College Square




Chicken Princess
  1. Chicken Princess

 Where to find  : Princess

Location          :  Free School Street




Kathi Roll
  1. Kathi Roll

 Where to find  : More than thousand shops& stalls in Kolkata

Location          : All over Kolkata



Authentic Chinese Noodles
  1. Authentic Chinese

 Where to find  : Any Tangra outlet

Location          : Tangra Chinatown, Kolkata



Mutton Biriyani
  1. Biriyani

 Where to find  : Several joints & restaurants throughout Kolkata of which some most famous are of Aminia, Arsalan, Haji Saheb etc.

Location      : All over Kolkata



Daber Sharabat
  1. Daber Sharbat

 Where to find  : although found throughout Kolkata best is in front of Paradise cinema

Location          : College Square




Malai Lassi
  1. Sharbat / Lassi

 Where to find  : Vivekananda Rd or Opposite Arya Samaj





  1. Phuchka

 Where to find  : Local Stalls

Location          : again throughout Kolkata, but still the stalls in front of Vivekananda Park are famous for being consistently good


Kosha Mangsho
  1. Kosha Mangsho

 Where to find  : Golbari

Location          : Shyambazaar




Mutton Afghani Cutlet
  1. Mutton Afghani Cutlet

 Where to find  :  Indian Coffee House

Location          : College Street





Kabiraji Cutlet
  1. Kabiraji Cutlet

 Where to find  : Regent

Location          : S.N Banerjee Road


Mughlai Paratha
  1. Mughlai Porota

 Where to find  : Anadi Cabin

Location       : S.N Banerjee Rd


Phulkopir Singara
  1. Phulkopir Singara

 Where to find  : Mrityunjoy

Location          : Lansdowne


Chicken Rezalla
  1. Chicken Rezalla

 Where to find  : Shabbir

Location          : C.R Avenue


  1. Chanachur

 Where to find  : Ujjala

Location          : opposite Kalighat Tram Depot


Daab Chingri
  1. Daab Chingri

 Where to find  : Kewpies

Location          : Elgin Lane


Chicken Cutlet
  1. Chicken Cutlet

 Where to find  : Mukherjee Sweets

Location          : Ballygunge Place



Fish Roll
  1. Fish Roll

 Where to find  : Bijoli Grill

Location          : Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Rd


Mochar Chop
  1. Moc-har Chop & Dhoka

 Where to find  : Apanjan

Location          : Sadananda Road




Kochuri & Torkari


  1. Kochuri & Torkari

 Where to find  : Tasty Corner

Location          : Mandeville Gardens






I believe these are just twenty out of hundred such places from Kolkata but still, enjoy these before we provide the rest of the lists and by the ways I still have a complete list of famous sweets of Kolkata & where to find them. So stay tuned & hungry.  


*Images are taken from the Internet


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